Insurance Questions/Services

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Winchester offers policies on a direct bill.  Premium finance is acceptable.

Binding authority is NOT extended to any agency.  Winchester has entered into a contract with it's companies or representatives to place business.  All binder requests must be called, faxed or emailed into our office so the appropriate binder number may be assigned.  Winchester and its representative companies are the only one authorized to issue binders when coverage has been bound.   A risk which is sent in after working hours will not be bound until Underwriters approval the next business/working day, exception NEW PURCHASE.  Binders will be emailed and/or faxed to the agents when requested.   However, do not assume your bind request by fax or email has been delivered, so always call the broker by phone to verify confirmation.  

Tropical Depression/Storm or Hurricane Restrictions Apply:

When the above weather conditions are active binding restrictions are in place and no new business can be bound or coverage increased until the restrictions have been lifted.  Always, call your companies for binding restrictions during the tropical season months of June-November.  


To file a claim, please complete the property loss notice which is located in the "FORMS" section of this website.  Contact your agent to submit loss notice.  However, if you are unable to make contact with your agent due to lack of power, i.e. Hurricane/Tropical Storm, please contact our office for handling.

When a binder for insurance has been requested, how long does agent have to get payment/signed applications into Winchester?

  • Louisiana binders are for 7 days
  • Mississippi are for 10 days.

What is Winchester's mailing/physical addresses?

  • See contact page.